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Products and Services

Listed below are some of the services we offer at Access Computers, but because every businesses’ needs are different, we maintain flexibility to ensure our customers are happy with their networks.  Don’t see a product or service you need listed below?  Contact Us!

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Hardware Installation
Software Installation

Computers and Hardware

Whether you are seeking a name brand computer or a custom solution, Access computers offers a "true" turn-key solution. This means that when ordering a computer network from Access Computers, items such as user accounts, software applications (such as RFMS, Xactimate, FloorManager, JobRunner, Microsoft Office, FloorRight, etc.), printer drivers, WIFI solutions, domain membership, Internet access, email accounts, scanners, bar code readers, network faxing, tape  backup, anti-virus, remote access, remote support, etc. have been pre-configured and your computer is fully ready to be used in your business environment.

Data and Voice Cabling

For both new and existing construction we can run and terminate Ethernet data cabling for your computer network, voice grade wiring for your telephone system, fiber optic links for your building to building links, and low voltage wiring for premise cameras, ect. We can also provide power over Ethernet (POE) for components such as IP cameras, etc. We label all cables and provide indepth, accurate mapping to provide the customer with the highest level of service. In addition, we can trace and label cables already installed. 

Software Installation and Integration

Besides the standard business productivity software packages such as Microsoft Office, Access Computers offers a wide range of software that cover the spectrum of applications and utilities that are essential in a business network environment. In addition to supplying the software, ACI specializes in installing and intergrating software to fit the specific customers needs and to ensure the software will properly run on the network. 

Network Integration
Phone Systems

Custom Network Design

Access Computers has the expertise to offer a complete / fully functional network solution instead of just a file server and several workstations. For example we will configure your individual user accounts, including login ID's, login scripts, passwords, email including DNS name server "MX" and "a" records, etc. Additionally we will configure all your network resources including printers, scanners, bar code readers, Internet access, Internet firewall, remote and Virtual Private Network (VPN) access, and DNS, DHCP, and WINS servers.

Routine Adds, Moves, and Changes

​Across the hall, down the road, or city to city, there will always be a need for changes and moves over the course of an installation life cycle. Access Computers will not only disassemble, pack, transport, unpack, and setup your computer equipment; but we will also insure that the necessary communication services, Internet access, and computer cabling are in place, properly configured, and functional at your new location.


Access Computers, Inc. provides a wide range of consulting services. We will guide you through hardware/software purchases and upgrades. We have extensive knowledge and background in the telecom industry. We can help you select and implement the most appropriate communications and/or Internet service provider for you.

Custom Network Design
Network Support
Cloud Backup
Network Upgrade

Network Support

We offer service contracts for those customers who prefer to have their technology provider on “retainer”. We are able to provide you quick and timely support via phone, remote access, or onsite support. With your network install, Access Computers can configure remote access to the desktop of servers, workstations, and all addressable TCP/IP devices which allows for tremendously powerful remote administration capabilities. Thus for many software support and hardware program configuration issues, an onsite service call is not required. Remote administration capabilities allows Access Computer personnel to monitor and manage our clients' critical applications, systems, networks and databases cost-effectively while keeping their network infrastructure operating at peak efficiency.

Cloud Backup and Data Storage

Data Vault is an automated, online offsite backup, that provides the ultimate data protection to insure the availability of your business critical data despite the occasional routine "oops" to worst case scenario disaster recovery situations. All data is backed up to multiple off-site, secure servers to ensure your data is never lost. 

Network Upgrade

​Whether you are considering upgrading your computer network with all new computer hardware, enhancing the capability of your existing computer hardware, or a combination of both, Access Computers specializes in making it happen in a manner that is cost efficient, minimizes downtime, is technically sound, and is supportable.

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