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About Us

Our Mission

When you don't know which way to turn, our mission is to guide our clients thru the technology maze to allow them to successfully implement the optimum computer technology solution for their unique network computing, remote office access, network faxing and printing, digitizing, scanning, high speed Internet access, online data backup, and remote administration needs.


Access Computers Incorportated (ACI) was founded in 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia by David and Pat Kaemmerling. We have been expertly installing network and software services for business nationwide for over 32+ years. ACI has been supporting these services for just as long. As a company which has built itself around customer needs, ACI is flexible enough both to cater to your unique network requirements and to adapt to the rapidly-evolving technology environment.  The vast majority of our clients are referred to us by customers previously satifised with ACI's performance for their business.  The future at ACI is bright.

Why Choose Us?

While Access Computers does cost more than your local average, run-of-the-mill network installation service, choosing ACI will provide your business with benefits other companies simply cant offer. While other companies might specialize in one area crucial to your networking needs, ACI's expertise runs the entire gamut, from installation and maintenace to upgrading and security.  So while in the short term ACI might cost more, in the long term our quality of work and support will keep your business's networks up and running, giving you peace of mind. You'll be glad you went with ACI.  

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